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In its simplest form, MyKitCheck helps you monitor and manage your equipment, ensuring stock levels are consistent, and expiry dates are never missed.

However, it was the batch number storage feature that saved one NHS Trust over £3,000 in staff time in one day alone.

Do you dread the day you get a phone call from a manufacturer alerting you that an item has been recalled? It was no different at this Trust and in this case the item that had been recalled was one that is kept in all their resuscitation trolleys.

What happened before MyKitCheck

In the past, with this alert, the task of finding and removing the recalled item would land with three or four highly banded members of the team. With over 300 resuscitation trolleys to check across the hospital site and no way of knowing which were storing the affected items, it would be a lengthy task of checking each one. From past experience to carry out a check of this magnitude at this Trust it would take the team anywhere from five to seven days. In turn, taking them away from their clinical duties and day to day tasks for a considerable amount of time.

What happened with MyKitCheck

  • The batch number was typed into the system
  • MyKitCheck displayed which exact trolleys were storing items with the recalled batch number
  • The team were able to swiftly replace the item and get back their clinical duties

This avoided the need to check every trolley and the risk of having recalled items in circulation saving the Trust £3,000 in one day alone.

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