5 Additional Safeguards You Get When Switching to Digital Checklists

26th May 2020

There is so much new and emerging technology being produced for the healthcare sector to make it safer and more efficient. With that in mind, it seems illogical that so many hospitals are still reliant on just a paper checklist and a tamper-evident seal to safeguard their emergency equipment.

A paper checklist cannot make users do a full check if the seal number is different to the one that has been logged or alert users to out of date equipment. A paper checklist won’t clearly show images and instructions of how and what needs to be checked or identify specific items in recalls or be automatically updated and definitely won’t flag up human error but here’s how MyKitCheck can…

Tamper Evident Seal Recognition

Where equipment requires a tamper-evident seal the first stage in a check is to verify the tag number found on the equipment. MyKitCheck will see if this matches the one previously saved. If it doesn’t match it will ask again what the seal number is in case of human error and if it still doesn’t match it will automatically go into the full check option. This feature is not only in place to protect the integrity of the equipment stored but also to provide a digital audit trail of checks. Keeping track of the seal numbers provides a timeline for governance.

Expired Items

Checking expiry dates couldn’t be easier with MyKitCheck as when an item is soon to expire or has expired you will receive notification of this through the platform and by email alerts. During a check any expired items, or those due to expire before the next check, will again be flagged and an advisory notice will appear. If an item has expired but a replacement can’t be found straight away then it will be recorded as missing. This will also show on the compliance dashboard to avoid the issue going unnoticed.

Visual Checklists

Finding the correct items and knowing exactly what elements need to be inspected can make compliance checks a daunting task. This is why MyKitCheck uses a visual checklist that features an image of each item. If a piece of equipment requires any additional stages of checking, such as an oxygen cylinder, written instructions can be provided to remind the user it not only needs to be in date but also needs to be checked to see if it is at least half full.

Product Recalls

In the eventuality that you are told a product stored across your hospital has been recalled your priority then is to remove it as fast as possible. This is not a quick task when information is only recorded on paper. The product recall feature on MyKitCheck means any affected items can be rapidly identified and their exact storage location can be pinpointed for a targeted retrieval.

Content List Updates

When updating a content list it can be time-consuming as you have to take new paper checklists to each relevant area. With MyKitCheck updates can be done and pushed out to every device and area within minutes. This means if a new piece of equipment has been introduced staff know immediately it needs to be included in their check and what aspects of it need to be checked.

If you think your organisation would benefit from these additional safeguards why not get in touch to find out more or to book a demo.

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