How to Keep Track of Expiry Dates Across a Hospital

2nd Jun 2020

Can you confidently say that all the equipment stored in your emergency kit, either just for one department or a whole hospital, is in date and ready for use? If your answer is no or that you are not sure then it is time to take control as this has the potential to pose a risk to patient safety.

We are all human and in a fast-paced environment like healthcare, you can be thrown into dealing with emergency situations which could mean checks can be overlooked due to workload.

How can MyKitCheck help?

One of the main areas MyKitCheck focuses on is expiring equipment with a range of features throughout the platform to avoid soon to expire items going unnoticed to ensure equipment remains compliant.

In Check Warnings

When carrying out a check it is easy to think today’s date is X so anything dated beyond this is compliant. Whilst this is true, on MyKitCheck if an item is due to expire before your next planned check it will notify you before you can proceed. This notification can give users the foresight, especially in areas where emergencies are a rare occurrence, to rotate their stock with a department more likely to use it in time and preventing perishable items expiring before the next check.

The platform saves the expiry date of items and does not allow users to input dates on new equipment with a date in the past.

If something that needs to be replaced during a check cannot be done so straightaway then MyKitCheck will record it as missing. With expiry dates, there is no grey area of whether the equipment is okay to be used: it is either in date and compliant or out of date and non-compliant.

Out of Check Alerts

The results of all checks feed into a compliance dashboard in real-time. Dashboards can be accessed by managers to monitor the specific area(s) they oversee or by the likes of resuscitation teams to monitor the compliance of a hospital as a whole for emergency equipment. A section of both dashboards focuses on expired items alone. This enables expired equipment to be pinpointed to its exact location allowing for non-compliance issues to be actioned immediately. Dashboard alerts will remain visible until corrective action is taken.

Expiry date notifications can be made bespoke to each item in a carrier. So for drugs, you may also want the pharmacy to receive notification that drugs stored in your emergency kit are soon to expire so they can prepare a replacement in plenty of time. Or if a device requires service by a set date alerts for this can be emailed to medical engineering.


MyKitCheck can run a whole range of reports in seconds including an expiry report. To do this all you have to do is input a date range of your choice. The platform will then identify items that are due to expire and their location within the chosen period. This allows for a stock rotation of high-value items into areas where they are more likely to be used thus reducing stock wastage and saving money. It also enables an appropriate level of stock to be kept as you can view in advance what equipment is going to be needed.

See all the expiry date and other compliance features in action by booking a demo or contact us to find out more.




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