How to Rapidly Identify Areas of Non-compliance

18th May 2020


When compliance checks are carried out using a paper list often any persistent areas of non-compliance are dealt with retrospectively, usually after an audit has been carried out. Working this way, however, does not benefit anyone especially in healthcare when non-compliance poses a more significant risk to patient safety.

If you want to break the cycle and take charge of your whole organisation’s compliance on a daily basis and have a system where nothing can go unnoticed then switch your paper check to MyKitCheck.

MyKitCheck is a platform that lets you monitor compliance at any time, from anywhere using any internet-enabled device. This gives you the tools you need to rapidly identify any areas that require more focus. This can be done primarily through the dashboard feature which monitors key areas such as overdue checks, missing items, and expired items. The dashboard displays a live feed of the results of any checks that have taken place each day and breaks the results down into the areas previously outlined. This allows key users to remotely monitor multiple locations and sites, saving time and resources by avoiding the need to visit clinical areas in person.

Custom dashboards are also created for people that manage specific areas such as matrons and divisional managers. This allows them to also have a real-time insight into compliance that focuses only on the departments they cover.

So whether you are monitoring a whole organisation or an area within it you know that if the dashboard is displaying anything less than 100% that you can easily tap into it and speedily identify the location of missing and expired equipment. The platform also displays how long they have been non-compliant for so you can decide the level of attention it may need to be rectified.

Put into context a matron may notice through looking at their dashboard that one of the wards they cover is yet to do a daily check and they are coming close to the deadline that day to do it. They then get into contact with someone on the ward to remind them to carry out this check before it is too late. The matron, later on, can check MyKitCheck again remotely to see if the corrective action has been made avoiding the need to unnecessarily get in touch with their busy team to check or have to visit the ward themselves.

MyKitCheck is not only here for monitoring the day to day but also keeps a record of historic compliance that can be broken down into graphs to discover trends and track improvements. As the checks have been carried out digitally all the data from them can be obtained in a matter of seconds avoiding the need for timely audits. Historic compliance is categorised into the four domains of overdue checks, missing items, expired items, and the overall compliance to isolate particular problem areas for intervention. The compliance can be focused down from organisation-wide to individual sites, clinical areas, or wards.

The data can also be used to create a compliance matrix that uses a RAG rating to clearly display and categorise compliance ratings, again further broken down into the four domains to rapidly identify problematic trends and observe improvements with corrective action.

So to summarise MyKitCheck allows you to rapidly identify areas of non-compliance by:


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