The New Way of Managing Emergency Equipment

7th May 2020

Missing or defective equipment not only causes unnecessary delays but also presents a significant risk to patient safety, never more so than during a medical emergency.

Paper-based checking processes of emergency equipment has long since failed to provide an adequate level of robustness to ensure the emergency readiness of equipment. Working in accordance with the NHS Long Term Plan, MyKitCheck offers a new unparalleled digital way of safeguarding equipment to ensure it is always ready to go.

Once your Trust is live on the platform, designated users will have access to the dashboard that displays a real-time overview of your organisation’s compliance. One of the key areas that are measured in this are missing items. If the dashboard displays less than 100% in any area you can click to see the specific pieces of kit that are affected and where they are located so action can be taken. Red alerts can also be generated via e-mail for chosen equipment which is identified as missing/failed and this is often used for ‘critical’ equipment such as defibrillators.

MyKitCheck ensures managers are always informed by sending email alerts to them of any non-compliance within their area. Users can see alerts that affect the piece of kit they use by logging in and looking at the alerts screen and they are also informed of any areas of non-compliance before commencing a check.  Areas of non-compliance must be acknowledged before they proceed.

Bespoke email notifications can be created for any item, so if drugs are missing an alert could be sent through to pharmacy. Once the kit has been replenished and is back to 100% compliance the alert will then be removed.

When a user first logs in they can view a digital noticeboard that can be used to display important information, such as if an item is out of stock what it can be substituted with. Once you are in a check, individual images of items are displayed to assist users in finding what should be in their kit. This increases recognition of the correct equipment and reduces the risk of users not being familiar with certain equipment, substituting incorrect items.

Expected quantities are also displayed to help ensure a safe amount is always available. Where items have been identified as missing during a check comments can be added at the end detailing any corrective action taken, which can be viewed by users carrying out future checks and by managers remotely.

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