How MyKitCheck Supported Healthcare Teams During COVID- 19

As the risk level for coronavirus has now been reduced, we are now able to reflect on the past few months and assess where lessons have been learnt and great things have been achieved. One of the key trends the pandemic has highlighted is hospitals turning to technology to help them get through their most critical time. So here are just some of the ways the features on MyKitCheck have supported healthcare teams:

Keeping Track of Equipment

As wards opened, closed, and moved so did vital equipment. Hospitals raced against the clock to increase capacity to ensure they were ready for a surge in demand however this made pinpointing the exact location of kit difficult. MyKitCheck helped overcome this issue as it works using a blueprint of a hospital site which meant equipment locations were kept up to date and it was easy to monitor the likes of difficult airway and emergency equipment.

Minimised Touchpoints

With the additional safeguards, MyKitCheck provides it enables the number of regular checks to be reduced which in turn minimises contact with equipment. Reducing checks also frees up extra staff time each day which allowed for more time focused on patients. Resuscitation and management teams were able to lead from a dashboard using MyKitCheck which reduced or completely avoided the need for visits to wards in relation to kit.

User Friendly Equipment Checks

As existing staff were assigned to different departments or new/ temporary workers started this meant the person who carried out equipment checks may have changed. This task has the potential to be difficult and unnecessarily time consuming for someone not familiar with the layout and contents of a trolley. MyKitCheck eradicated this problem by having a visual checklist where staff were navigated through the trolley drawer by drawer. For each item, the platform shows a picture, its name, the quantity needed and any other extra instruction. This left no room for ambiguity and allowed staff to feel confident they have done a thorough and correct check.

Just these areas alone have helped healthcare teams across the country keep track and in control of their equipment throughout this exceptional time and has developed new ways of working that can be taken into the future. If you would like to find out more about MyKitCheck or arrange a demo please contact us here.

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