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Are you looking for a way to keep your organisation on top of its compliance? Every day healthcare providers carry out multiple paper-based checks on their equipment. MyKitCheck is a digital platform that helps teams stay proactive and gives real-time data on how they are performing.

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What our Customers say...

Further to implementing My Kit Check and our new Resus Kit Bags, I thought I would take the time to share my thoughts with you, as well as […] Read more…

Mark Young

Resuscitation Officer - Barnet, Enfield & Haringey Mental Health Trust

When i began my post at NHS Western Isles, and audited the cardiac arrest equipment provision across the Western Isles. The results, I found, were not dissimilar to […] Read more…

Ruth Graham

ACP Resuscitation and Clinical Risk, Western Isles Hospital

We have been working with the team from My Kit Check for a number of years now.  The My Kit Check system was successfully rolled out across almost […] Read more…

Sarah Bellis Holloway

Resuscitation Services Manager Pan BCUHB

It is a system that I would highly recommend from a users perspective, both from the ward and department end in entering data as well as from the development, audit and compliance functions of the system.

Paul Marlow

Lead Resuscitation Officer, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn

Since starting to use MyKitCheck we have been able to check the emergency trolleys more efficiently than before, allowing more time to support clinical staff in day to day lists. One particular aspect I find useful is that the platform informs you when something is close to expiring, meaning if this is a non-stock item we can inform the procurement team in advance. Initially, we used it for emergency equipment and trolleys, but going forward we are introducing it to daily safety checklists in Anaesthetics, Scrub and Recovery giving us traceable and instant data for compliance.

Stuart Kindon

Advanced Anaesthetic Practitioner, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Using MyKitCheck enables us to have a global oversight of the state of our emergency equipment throughout the organisation. As a resuscitation team, it allows us to report on compliance more easily and has reduced our workload in respect of audit and safety checks. It allows us to focus on departments that specifically need support. It also allows us to alter stock and equipment very easily and instantly, rather than having to alter paperwork at each individual trolley. For managers, MKC enables them to identify and address issues with checking procedures and to amend these to suit the individual team.

Feedback from our staff has been positive – they find MKC easy and quick to use. It is a flexible and versatile piece of software that has changed our practice.

Bill Pasquier

Resuscitation Service, Royal Surrey Hospital Foundation Trust

“The implementation of MyKitCheck within NCIC has facilitated a fundamental cultural change in the way resuscitation equipment is managed across the organisation.

Combining both the removal of mandatory daily full checks and the introduction of authorised non-registered staff completing the daily check, the trust has been able to reclaim 24,637 nursing hours and return them to patient care. The reclamation of nursing hours equates to an annual financial saving of £273,750.”

David Lewis

Director for Resuscitation, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

MyKitCheck has been a revelation to our real-time compliance checking of resuscitation equipment across the Trust. It has enabled us to proactively address issues as they happen rather than reacting after the event, possibly weeks later. This has had a major impact on patient safety.

Staff acceptance and reactions are excellent, the system has quickly become embedded in daily practice and is now second nature. Ease of use, transparency of real-time audit and accurate fast reporting are key parts on the system which are vital in producing high-quality data which recently were essential during audits from national regulatory agencies. I wholeheartedly recommend MyKitCheck as it is a simple solution to a potentially complex, difficult, time-consuming, essential activity.

Mark Hampson

Head of Resuscitation & Simulation, Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“One of the things I love about having introduced MyKitCheck into Southport & Ormskirk Hospital is the ability to view compliance of all resuscitation trolleys remotely without requiring our team to visit each ward/department.”

Emma Gregson

Resuscitation Officer, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

“With MyKitCheck I can immediately see live data of the emergency readiness of all the Trust’s resuscitation equipment. Patient safety is our number one priority, MyKitCheck allows us to provide a gold standard level of readiness and provide accurate audit data instantaneously to evidence this.”

Steven Clift

Senior Resuscitation Officer

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