Mark Young

Further to implementing My Kit Check and our new Resus Kit Bags, I thought I would take the time to share my thoughts with you, as well as some of the thoughts of our staff, who are now using the system.

Yesterdays group, were totally blown away with the leap from: what was, to now, what is…  The volume of congratulations on the ease of use of My Kit Check and the very obvious clinical foresight, through to services received, during and after implementation, has not gone un-noticed and was described as “…a wonderful stepping stone to ensuring accurate and auditable patient care” I very much concur.

The literal ease of use as a new administrator, leaves me in astonishment.  When I consider the amount of information that is instantly at my finger tips and the clarity/presentation of such, has been very, very well engineered. Your insight, and assistance in the research and subsequent implementation was truly, invaluable. T

I honestly have nothing but sincere praise for the MKC system and the ease of use for the re-supplies, as part of the managed service. I begin to calculate how much money this managed service is actually going to save us on in wastage of stock and over ordering.

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