Paul Marlow

As Resuscitation Lead at a rural District General Hospital, I inherited the MKC system deployed across an acute hospital, community hospital and have since added several maternity and community outposts.
I have found the system easy to use, in terms of staff completion, updating and upgrading carriers, and also for reporting for the requirements of the Trust and CQC. Reports that would take weeks to develop from paper records at the end of the year can be accessed or developed in a matter of minutes – this saves time and allows us to report more frequently – and easily – for regular reports and regulatory visits.
The system is intuitive, and the newly released replenishment option has been used by staff who are less confident with computers, some with little or no training in the use of the new option. In addition, the developers are responsive in dealing with any additional needs that we may have and request. It is a system that I would highly recommend from a users perspective, both from the ward and department end in entering data as well as from the development, audit and compliance functions of the system.

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